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What an awesome comm :) I love making picspams

so here we go!

The Tudors Season 3 Ep5 picspam: WARNING: SPOILERS! A FEW PICS NOT WORKSAFE!

Please excuse the shoddiness of picture quality, my copy of the episode isn't brilliant


Jane is dead, and Henry mourns over her cadaver

You really need smell o vision here! Mmmm meat market

This bit really reminded me of Resident Evil 4 'wwweeelllcccommmeee stwanger!'

Wow, Henry Tudor really has gone mad. He's imagining palaces (Nonsuch) and refusing to talk to anyone but his Fool

And speaking of the Fool...he's kinda old looking and scary


Meanwhile, Mary is telling people how much she loves her family. Now, I dunno bout you guys, but considering her so called 'tyrannical nature' and her general dislike of Elizabeth's mother, I really can't believe this :P

Oh, now this is what I am talking about. This week Charles has forgotten about his crazy episodes down the river

But his wife hasn't

She wishes she wasn't pregnant and wants the baby to die. Cue epic charles man angst

And for a little more man angst...have some Henry Tudor

Ahhh...Francis Bryan, yes, he's awesome. Checking up on little Prince Edward...

Only to be told to get lost by Edward Seymour, a man who pretty much rules the country in a few years time


After a massive fight ensues with lots of sword action, this dude gives us a very dramatic death. Sorry mr constable sir

Henry suddenly seems to be a bit better, still angsty, just look at the face! Thinking of new wives in fact...

...Or even of taking Lady Misseldon to bed again

Nothing says fuck you england like a game of chess!

Oh, more matters of church - this time the 6 articles, and the threat of death to anyone who disobeys them. But looks like Henry is elsewhere...

...Yep, he's reliving last night. The dirty dog.

Oops, I think they've been told the consequences of ignoring the 6 articles...

And Charles has seen the look on Cromwell's face...Charles knows he's got him now mwahahaha

And Henry is still thinking of last night...

Meanwhile, Cromwell and Richard Rich are discussing the 6 articles and how crap they are.

CROMWELL: We're doomed....

And the scariest ending I have ever seen. That crazy fool, on Henry's throne...creepy stuff. Showing the descent of England into madness? Possibly...

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